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Letters HomeDownload
Y6 Puberty BookletDownload
Y6 Swimming LetterDownload
After School Clubs LetterDownload
Christmas Holidays LetterDownload
School Dinners LetterDownload
Kiddiwinkles Visit to Santa & Christmas Party AM & PMDownload
Year 2 and Year 3 NativityDownload
Christmas Dinner ReminderDownload
Christmas Fair / Christmas Parties / Walk to Church LetterDownload
Reception and Year 1 Christmas NativityDownload
Rudolph Run / Polling Day / PD Day LetterDownload
Christmas Dinner / Open Afternoon / Singing around the Christmas tree LetterDownload
Phase 3 Vue Cinema Trip - 14.11.19Download
Y4 Miss Robinson Attendance TreatDownload
Y4 Snappy Christmas - 10.12.19Download
Y1 Walk to the Cenotaph - 11.11.19Download
Y6 Trip - Tees Barrage - Medical AdviceDownload
Y6 Trip - Tees Barrage - Consent FormDownload
Y6 Trip - Tees Barrage - 22.11.19 Group 2Download
Y6 Trip - Tees Barrage - 15.11.19 Group 1Download
Anti Bullying / Children in need LetterDownload
Y1 Visit to Dinosaurs ParkDownload
After School Clubs Letter - 04.11.19Download
PSHE Letter - Y5 and Y6Download
PSHE Letter - Y3 and Y4Download
PSHE Letter - Y1 and Y2Download
Poppy Letter - 22.10.19Download
Halloween Dress up Day / Language / Parking LetterDownload
Half Term LetterDownload
Year 3+4 Film WatchingDownload
Disney Invasion Sports Event 17/10/2019Download
Residental Parents Meeting - 27.09.19Download
Tag Rugby Letter Y4Download
Photographs / Non Uniform Day LetterDownload
Ironstone Museum - Y3/4 (year 4 goes on 25.09.19)Download
Y2 - Zoolab VisitDownload
Whole School Attendance LetterDownload
Min Police Reward LetterDownload
Swearing LetterDownload
September Y5 - Residental LetterDownload
Summer 2019Download
Y1 Hartlepool Trip - 05.07.19Download
Sign up for ParentMailDownload
September Y4 - Residental LetterDownload
ARC Puberty LetterDownload
Y5 Puberty LetterDownload
Y5 and Arc Class trip to Sealife - 13.06.19Download
Y3 Class trip to Seven Stories - 12.06.19Download
Y4 Class Trip to Seven Stories - 25.06.19Download
Fluoride LetterDownload
Y2 Visit to Whitby - 26.06.19Download
Reception Visit to Tweddle Farm - 02.07.19Download
Morning Nursery Visit to Tweddle Farm - 02.07.19Download
Nursery Closure - 28.06.19 + 02.07.19Download
Shine Challenge - Y6Download
Leavers Assembly / Baby Photos - Y6Download
Fun Day LetterDownload
Puberty File - Y5 TalkDownload
Y6 PJ Afternoon - 17th MayDownload
Kiddiwinkles Trip - Monday/Tuesday 21st&22nd MayDownload
SATS Letter to Y6Download
After School Clubs LetterDownload
Wear a Hat Day / Bank Holiday Letter - 26.04.19Download
Polling Day School ClosureDownload
Greek Food Sampling Y3/4 LetterDownload
Non Uniform Day - 05.04.19Download
Easter Performance at St Hildas - 04.04.19Download
Easter Egg Decorating Competition LetterDownload
Y5+6 Railway Trip - 28.03.19Download
Headlice Letter - ARC Class - 15.03.19Download
Visit to Kirkleatham Prison - Mini Police Children only 20.03.19Download
Headlice Letter - KS2 - 15.02.19Download
Headlice Letter for KS1 - 13.02.19Download
Mini Police Graduation Letter - 14.02.19Download
Multi Sports Club Cancelled - 15.02.19Download
Mrs O Neill / Mrs Yasin Open Morning Letter - 14.02.19Download
Y6 Production after school club - 28.02.19Download
KS1 Flamingo Land Letter - 15.03.19Download
Film Club Cancelled Letter 15.02.19Download
Kiddiwinkles/Afternoon Nursery Letter 15.02.19Download
Kiddiwinkles/Morning Nursery Letter 15.02.19Download
Open Afternoon Reception - Y6 15.02.19Download
Y6 Stem Day - 11.02.19Download
Y5 Science Ambassadors Event - 05.02.19Download
Multi Skills After School Club Cancelled - 31.01.19Download
Multi Sports Club Cancelled - 24.01.18Download
Reception Trip - 07.02.19Download
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