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Phonics Screening Check

Information for parents –Year 1 Screening Check June 2016

The phonic screening check is a statutory assessment for all children in Year 1

  • It will take place in June.
  • It comprises of a list of 40 words ( 20 real and 20 nonsense)
  • In previous years expectations from the government are that children should achieve 32 out of 40 to reach the expected level.
  • The check will take up to 10 minutes per pupil
  • Children who do not achieve the expected level at the end of Y1 must be reconsidered for a retake in Y2
  • Support has been put in place to assist all our pupils to achieve their best outcomes.
  • The school will report the result of your child’s score out of 40 along with the % who have reached the expected level by the end of the summer term.
  • A sample of the types of words your child will have to read:
nin yip geb pess teep chush
shed sill team hoist hoop brains
nool teng lins scraw thep ust
shine blush jest sharp scree lair
glust snape larp prane roint phigh

Read Write Inc

At Grangetown Primary we follow the Read, Write, Inc. Scheme which has been developed by Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc. We have seen a huge impact in our KS1 reading scores and Phonics scores over the last 2 years.

Read, Write, Inc. (RWI) is taught from EYFS to Y2 in small teaching groups. Interventions are also taking place across KS2 when needed. We have a dedicated RWI 45min session each morning.


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