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Medical Matters

The prime responsibility for a child’s health lies with the parent who is responsible for the child’s medication and should supply the school with information. The school takes advice and guidance from the Local Authority and encourages self-administration of medication when possible. Contact details for the School Nurse are available from the School Office.


The school aims to;

  • assist parents in providing medical care for their children;
  • educate staff and children in respect of special medical needs;
  • adopt and implement the LA policy of Medication in Schools;
  • liaise as necessary with medical services in support of the individual pupil;
  • ensure access to full education if possible;
  • monitor and keep appropriate records.


It is expected that;

when parents have asked the school to administer the prescribed medication for their child, they must ensure that the prescription and dosage regime is printed clearly on the outside of the medication and sign the relevant Parent Agreement for Administration of Medicine form parents will be encouraged to co-operate in training children to self-administer medication if this is practicable and that members of staff will only be asked to be involved if there is no alternative;the school will liaise with the School Health Service for advice about the pupil’s special medical needs, and will seek support from the relevant practitioners where necessary and in the interests of the pupil;any medicines brought into school by staff e.g. headache tablets, inhalers for personal use should be stored in an appropriate place and kept out of the reach of the pupils. Any staff medicine is the responsibility of the individual concerned and not the school.

Grangetown Primary School